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USA E2 Business visa requirements

E2 visa Documents requirements

Evidence Requirements
All documentation previously submitted in each investor application to the CNMI government should be submitted as part of each E-2 CNMI Investor petition to USCIS.

All Individuals

All individuals must provide the following evidence of admission to the CNMI in long term investor status prior to November 28, 2009, consisting of:

  • A valid unexpired foreign passport
  • A properly endorsed CNMI admission document (e.g., entry permit, entry certificate or foreign investor visa) reflecting lawful admission to the CNMI in long-term business investor, foreign investor, or retiree foreign investor status
  • An unexpired Long-Term Business Certificate, Foreign Investment Certificate, or a Foreign Retiree Investment Certificate

Individuals with a CNMI-issued foreign investor entry permit or long-term business entry permit

An applicant with a CNMI-issued foreign investor entry permit or long-term business entry permit must submit evidence to show that he or she has maintained his or her investment with the E-2 CNMI Investor petition. This evidence includes all of the following, as applicable:

  • An approval letter issued by the CNMI government
  • Evidence that capital has been invested, such as bank statements, receipts or contracts for assets purchased, stock purchase transaction records, loan or other borrowing agreements, land leases, financial statements, business gross tax receipts, or other agreements supporting the application
  • Evidence that the applicant has invested at least the minimum amount required, such as evidence of assets purchased or property transferred from abroad for use in the enterprise, evidence of monies transferred or committed to be transferred to the new or existing enterprise in exchange for shares of stock, any loan or mortgage, promissory note, security agreement or other evidence of borrowing secured by assets of the applicant
  • A comprehensive business plan for new enterprises
  • Articles of incorporation, by-laws, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, corporate minutes and annual reports, affidavits, declarations or certifications of paid-in capital
  • Current business licenses
  • Foreign business registration records, recent tax returns of any kind, evidence of other sources of capital
  • A listing of all resident and nonresident employees
  • A listing of all holders of business certificates for the business establishment
  • A listing of all corporations in which the applicant has a controlling interest
  • Copies of annual reports of investment activities in the CNMI showing that the certificate holder of a foreign investment is under continuing compliance with the standards required. Each report must be accompanied by an annual financial audit report performed by an independent certified public accountant

Individuals with a CNMI-issued retiree investor permit

CNMI retiree investors should submit the following with their applications for E-2 CNMI Investor status:

  • Proof that the foreign applicant has an interest in property in the CNMI, such as a lease agreement
  • Proof of the value of that property, such as an appraisal
  • Proof of any improvements to the property, which could include receipts or invoices of the costs of construction, the amount paid for a preexisting structure, or an appraisal of improvements
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