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USA E-2 Business Visa- CNMI

E-2 Visa: CNMI-Only Investor

The CNMI-Only Investor (E-2) visa classification allows foreign, long-term investors to remain lawfully present in the CNMI through December 2014 while they resolve their immigration status. This classification is intended to help as the CNMI transitions from the CNMI permit system to U.S. immigration laws.
Obtaining E-2 CNMI Investor Status (E2C)

Obtaining E-2 CNMI Investor Status (E2C)
Initial Application

You must file your initial Form I-129 petition and Supplement E with USCIS before January 18, 2013.  USCIS will reject initial petitions filed after that date.

Length of Stay

Your E-2 CNMI investor status is valid in the CNMI initially for two years. If you have a spouse or minor children accompanying or following to join you in the CNMI, they will have the same validity period as you.  An E-2 CNMI Investor status is extendable in 2 year increments ending on December 31, 2014.

Extending Your Stay

To apply for an extension of stay, you must file a new Form I-129 and Supplement E with the required evidence and fee.

Individuals in the CNMI seeking an initial Grant of Status in the CNMI
There is additional guidance you must follow if you are requesting an initial grant of nonimmigrant status in the CNMI. For more information please visit the grant of status webpage.

General Qualifications for an E-2 CNMI Investor
To qualify for E-2 CNMI Investor status, you must:

  • Have been admitted to the CNMI with a long-term investor visa under CNMI immigration law before November 28, 2009
  • Have continuously maintained residence in the CNMI under long-term investor status
  • Currently maintain the investment(s) that formed the basis for the CNMI long-term investor status
  • Otherwise be allowed to enter the United States under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)

CNMI Investor Statuses that Qualify for E2C Status

You qualify for E-2 CNMI Investor status if you held one of the following long-term CNMI investor statuses under CNMI Immigration law:

  • A long-term business investor who was issued a long-term business certificate by the CNMI based upon an investment of at least $50,000
  • A foreign investor with a foreign investment certificate issued by the CNMI based upon an investment of at least $100,000 in an aggregate approved investment in excess of $2 million or at least $250,000 in a single approved investment
  • A retiree investor over the age of 55 years who was issued a foreign retiree investment certificate based upon a qualifying investment in an approved residence in the CNMI (but not including the 2-year non-renewable retiree investor program limited to Japanese nationals)

CNMI Investor Statuses that Do Not Qualify for E-2 Status

You are not eligible for an E2C visa if you held one of the following CNMI investor statuses under CNMI Immigration law:

  • The sub-category of the retiree investor specifically limited to Japanese retirees
  • Short-term business entry permits
  • Regular-term business entry permits

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